Ohio River Bridges Project - East End Bridge Route

South/East Drumanard Tunnel Portal Approach - KY 841 (I-265) at U.S. 42

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Construction for the East End Bridge Route is planned to begin within a year.  Beginning west of I-71, the KY 841 roadbed will be graded / blasted down, reaching a depth of approximately 80+ feet below grade near U.S. 42.  Up to 2.4 million cubic yards of rock and other material will be blasted / removed from KY 841 and adjoining residences/properties.  Up to 1.0 million cubic yards of rock/material will be blasted / removed for the Drumanard Tunnel.  See links above for additional illustrations.  Also see "Section 4" (Maps & Features) details at KyInBridges.com.


Note:  Areas in light grey excavated to depth of 80+ feet.  Tunnel in red also excavated.  Consideration being given to reducing excavation amounts.